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Ductless System Repair

How can your home or business be heated without ducts? The answer is straightforward, by using a ductless system. At MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC, our HVAC technicians specialize in installating, repairing, and maintaining ductless systems - but what is the appeal in a ductless system?

There are many appealing factors in a ductless system, most importantly is that they are extremely quiet, very efficient, and allow you to zone different areas of your home or business. Ductless systems for by using fans that change. speed based off the ambient temperature in your heating or cooling zone. They connect with an outdoor air handler or air conditioner and pair up to give the perfect temperature control system.

Ductless System Repair & Ductless System Installation Services

At MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC, we are here to help you with your ductless system installation, ductless system repair, and ductless system replacement needs. With the simple design of a ductless system, they are built to last for a long time. Ductless systems are independent of your central air conditioning system, and can easily be added to allow for specific temperature control in different parts of your home. In addition to that, ductless systems have an average lifespan of about 15-20 years, and truly make your home or business more comfortable.

In addition to the longevity of the boilers, they also work seamlessly with your home or businesses other HVAC appliances. For example, ductless systems connect with your outdoor heat pump or air conditioning unit to circulate air into your home. Additionally, ductless systems are very easy to install as they are great systems for homes looking to retrofit a non-ducted system. They work quietly and eliminate the noisy rattle found in traditional ducts.

During our harsh Maple Grove, Minnesota winters, and our scorching summers, having a ductless system is a huge stress reliever as it eliminates cold spots/hot spots and allows you to target specific temperatures in different areas of your home. Say for example, your basement is always much colder than the main level. You have two options, you can cool the main level but freeze in the basement, or you can stay cool in the basement, but not have any cooling on the main level - but with a ductless system you now have a third option, you can cool both to your desired temperature. Take the guesswork out of staying warm this winter and cool in the summer, trust the HVAC experts at MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC to help you with your ductless system installation, ductless system repair, and ductless system replacement services. 

Ductless System Installation Or Replacement

Whether you have a new home construction project, or have an older home that has an outdated ducted system, MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC is here to help you install or replace your new ductless system. Our team of ductless system installation specialists have been trained on how to install and identify an efficient ductless system layout for your home or business that would heat and cool your home most efficiently, would meet your current HVAC systems needs, and would be most budget friendly. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your home or business, and consider a variety of factors including your square footage, existing HVAC set up, insulation requirements, heating requirements, and much more. 

The team at MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC also assess if your current ductless system can be salvaged, and if only a certain part of it needs to be replaced. Other times, when the current ductless system is outdated or inefficient, and needs to be removed, our team can assist you and minimize the impact it has on your home or business. Our team of ductless installation technicians quickly identifies how we can minimize your disruption and maximize your benefits with the upgraded ductless system, and helps install it and ensure complete integration with your already existing HVAC system.

Ductless System Repair

Get your ductless system repaired the right way with MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC! Whether its a patch up on the ductless mini split, or a complete repair of the entire system, our team of HVAC technicians is equipped with the skills, tools, and knowledge to get the job done right.


Like all repairs, the first thing in repairing your ductless system is a diagnosis of the root cause of whatever the issue may be. If there is an issue with heating or cooling, strange noises, or improper operation in the machine, we diagnose the issue and propose a fix. Once we find the root cause of the heating or cooling issue, we can offer different solutions to repair the ductless system and keep the overall health of your HVAC system in mind. Our team also does a preventive check on the nearby HVAC area to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Ductless System Maintenance

Everyone knows that in order to increase the life expectancy of your home appliances, you have to have the appropriate maintenance completed regularly - the same thing applies to your ductless system. The ductless system specialists at MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC are here for you and offer regular maintenance on your ductless system. Our team inspects your system, ensures the circulation is working properly, inspects for leaks or strange operation, and performs an overall wellness check on your system.

Heater Check
Heater Check

Emergency Ductless System Repair Services

MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC understands that emergencies with your HVAC and ductless system happen, that's why we offer 24/7 emergency services. Our team works around the clock to keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. 

Need emergency HVAC services? Don't hesitate - call now to be connected with our emergency service HVAC repair team.

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Ductless System Gallery

MN's All Seasons Comforts is committed to quality and affordable HVAC services. Our HVAC technicians are extremely attentive to detail - but don't take our word for it, check out our ductless system gallery!

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