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Air Handler Repair

MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC understand the importance of air handlers - air handlers are essential in providing conditioned air to different areas of your home or business. Air handlers have different components that work to heat and cool when needed, and work to deliver the appropriate air filtration, air flow, and controlled temperature your home or business needs to operate comfortably. Air handlers work in tandem with your air conditioner and heat pump to create a ductless system, especially useful in rooms of your home without ductwork.

When you have certain areas of your home that you want to have zone control in, air handlers are the way to go.  Air handlers allow you to maintain zone control in areas of your home, including the basement and garage, all with a ductless system. Whether you want to install air handlers in your home, or need your current air handler repaired or replaced, MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC is here to help.

Air Handler Repair & Air Handler Installation Services

Air handlers are an important part of any HVAC system, and are critical for distributing air and circulating it around the entire building. The air handlers also provide ventilation your home or business and help exchange stale air with fresh air from outdoors. They filter out any pollution, allergens, pollens, dust, or debris that might otherwise get into your home or business, ultimately reducing health concerns. All in all, the air handler is an essential part of your HVAC system and needs to be running at its best to provide you with clean and fresh air on demand.

With todays modern HVAC technology, there are many options for new air handlers. These air handlers filter better, operate better, use less energy, and have less environmental effects than their predecessors. The air handler installation experts at MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC are here for you, and can help you find the correct air handler for your home or business based off of your square footage, areas you want zone controlled, your current HVAC system layout, and many other factors. 


If you are looking for air handler repair, our team at MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC offers that as well. Our skilled HVAC technicians are trained on every make, model, and year of air handlers released, and can help diagnose any issues immediately and reduce any impact on your home. With your air handler repair, you'd expect to see your energy efficiency and ventilation increase to their original levels, and have optimal indoor circulation, ventilation, and air distribution. 

Air Handler Installation Or Replacement

Whether you have a new home construction project, or have an older home that has an outdated air handler system, MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC is here to help you install or replace your new air handler system. Our team of air handler installation specialists have been trained on how to install and identify an efficient air handler system layout for your home or business that minimizes energy loss, promotes efficient heating and cooling, and optimizes the airflow and ventilation in your home. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your home or business, and consider a variety of factors including your square footage, existing HVAC set up, insulation requirements, ventilation requirements, and much more. 

The team at MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC also assess if your current air handler system can be salvaged, and if only a certain part of it needs to be replaced. Other times, when the current air handler is outdated or inefficient, and needs to be removed, our team can assist you and minimize the impact it has on your home or business. Our team of air handler technicians quick identifies how we can minimize your disruption and maximize your benefits with the upgraded air handler system, and helps install it and ensure complete integration with your already existing HVAC system.

Air Handler Repair

Get your air handler repaired the right way with MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC! Whether its a patch up on a certain part of the air handler flow, or a complete repair of the entire system, our team of HVAC technicians is equipped with the skills, tools, and knowledge to get the job done right.


Like all repairs, the first thing in repairing your air handler system is a diagnosis of the root cause of whatever the issue may be. If there is dirty air, weakened air flow, improper temperature fluctuations, we diagnose the issue and propose a fix. Once we find the root cause of the circulation issue, we can offer different solutions to repair the air handler system and keep the overall health of your HVAC system in mind. Our team also does a preventive check on the nearby HVAC area to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Air Duct System Maintenance

Everyone knows that in order to increase the life expectancy of your home appliances, you have to have the appropriate maintenance completed regularly - the same thing applies to your air handler system. The air handler specialists at MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC are here for you and offer regular maintenance on your air handler system. Our team inspects your system, ensures the circulation is working properly, inspects for clogged filters or incorrect connections, and performs an overall wellness check on your system.

Heater Check
Heater Check

Emergency Air Handler Repair Services

MN's All Seasons Comforts LLC understands that emergencies with your HVAC and air handler system happen, that's why we offer 24/7 emergency services. Our team works around the clock to keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. 

Need emergency HVAC services? Don't hesitate - call now to be connected with our emergency service HVAC repair team.

Why Isn't My Air Handler System Working Properly?

Most Common Issues With Air Handler Systems

Air Handler Gallery

MN's All Seasons Comforts is committed to quality and affordable HVAC services. Our HVAC technicians are extremely attentive to detail - but don't take our word for it, check out our air handler gallery!

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